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Sport Organizations
We offer consultative services to sport organizations across the spectrum of youth through elite sport with the goal of supporting the mission, vision and values of sport entities intentional with cultivating healthy and dynamic sport cultures.  This is achieved through collaborative meetings, administering organizational needs assessments, and facilitating trainings designed to support organizational strategic plan initiatives.

Counseling Centers

Our team has extensive experience in assisting NCAA institutions with bridging the gap often found between campus-based services and athletic departments.  Driven by our philosophy that emphasizes the difference between services being ‘available’ in comparison to being ‘accessible’, our team assists campus stakeholders with enhancing the collaborative approach to supporting student-athlete needs across sport-types and levels.  We have a proven track record in establishing foundational best practices for institutions implementing policies, procedures, and protocols to ethically and legally support athletes across the spectrum of psychological wellbeing (illness to performance excellence) throughout the duration of their intercollegiate career.

Organizational Leaders

We often state that "when climbing to the peak of a mountaintop, the air is thin". Organizational leaders carry the weighted responsibility of ensuring overall systems are not only healthy and functioning but thriving. Sometimes leaders find themselves navigating these roles with a small pool of colleagues at their same height of success. When systems are unhealthy, it impacts the overall performance opportunities of its organizational contributors. Our team of professionals leverages experience in performance psychology (exercise science, kinesiology, motor development, organizational psychology) to support organizational leaders at the individual level. We teach skills and tools to support resilience, mental fortitude, and optimize performance. These skills and tools transcend high performance and positively impact overall wellbeing.

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