Services are provided in a confidential manner and are available as fee-for-service or as a package.

  • Pre-Performance Routines

  • Performance Profiling

  • Arousal Regulation
  • Confidence-Building
  • Communication Quagmires
  • Leadership Training
  • Individual & Group Yoga
  • Imagery & Visualization
  • Community Service/Partnership Identification
  • Team-Building Exercises
  • Conflict Resolution

  • Substance Use Prevention and Referral

  • Coach-Athlete Relationship Intervention

  • Stress-Response to Injury/Recovery

  • Workshops for Sport Medicine Personnel, Coaches, Parents

  • Organizational Training/Consultation

  • Staff Wellness Initiatives Workshops

  • **For inquiries regarding presentations or facilitating workshops for your organization, topics are created based on your organizational needs.**

*Note: Services for sport & performance consulting may not be covered under insurance.  Please contact me to discuss further