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Kendall Brutus, is currently a Forensic Psychology major (Counseling minor) at John Jay College of Criminal Justice located in Manhattan, New York.  She serves as the firm’s Executive Assistant and Psychology Intern responsible for many of the logistics and operations, including scheduling, research, and literature reviews to support many of the firm’s evidence-based initiatives.  Kendall is certified in Mental Health First Aid and Suicide Prevention and has field work experience in public service and government, which has contributed to her applied research skills as a student member of the American Psychological Association (Divisions 35 and 45).


Kendall has also been involved as a student leader to include student council and a sports medicine club during her high school career. She was previously selected to engage in the Rural Medical & Science Scholars program, which focuses on education regarding public health and safety. She is a former student advisory member supporting public education and outreach initiatives with the Atlanta-area Eating Disorders Information Network (EDIN).  During that time, she learned how to notice the signs and symptoms of emerging eating concerns while also increasing confidence necessary to engage in conversations with peers, teachers, and other school-community members about eating disorders in order to encourage body confidence. Kendall has been an athlete across multiple individual and team sports, to include soccer, basketball, tennis, swim team, and lacrosse. In addition to sports, Kendall has years of experience as a child performer in the arts to include competitive/performance choirs, piano, on-screen acting, ensemble cast member for stage plays, and modeling.  Being a member of sports, performance and entertainment culture for so long has encouraged her passion to assist athletes and other performers as she has first-person experience with the associated pressures inherent in performance.


Kendall Brutus, Executive Assistant + Intern

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