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Who We Serve

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Whether you are a practitioner in training, early career, mid-career, seasoned, or encore career professional, we provide identity-affirming professional development support. Our goal is to help providers both grow their skills in serving high performance populations and reduce burnout through meaningful professional connections and community support.

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Athletes, entertainers, and corporate leaders are using their platforms to increase mental health and wellbeing awareness. Institutions are facing a supply-demand problem within their organizational structures across the globe. Practitioner burnout is leading to high staff turnover, issues with retention and limited access to specialized providers.  We aim to empower institutions and organizations to ethically build sustainable organizational structures that attract and retain world-class counseling and sport psychology practitioners.

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The air is thin at the top as leadership performance demands often leads to limited access to community as a collective. We provide professional consultation services that facilitate corporate athlete success. Working together for optimal results is the core tenet in our work with organizational leaders intentional about creating cultures of excellence. 


Compliance & Regulatory

Guidance and training for mental health and performance services, following institutional rules, NCAA bylaws, legal and ethical standards.


Organizational Design

Solutions for building sustainable counseling and sport psychology services to an existing organization. Consultation and training to create a culture of psychological safety and growth among leaders and staff.


Mentorship Experiences

Clinical supervision and mentorship to gain specific and specialized skills to care for high-performance populations from a social justice framework. CMPC mentorship for certification requirements. 

Professional Development

Continuing education for professional growth within high performance settings, addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion that supports the needs of practitioners and those they serve. 

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