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Synergistic Solutions started over 14 years ago operating as a counseling private practice serving athletes and high performers across multiple performance domains. As our Founder and CEO, Dr. Angel Brutus, built a successful practice she also gained years of experience leading counseling and sport performance psychology departments at various levels (collegiate, professional, & elite sport). As her expertise and professional network grew, Dr. Brutus has become a highly sought after resource for individual practitioners for mentorship as well as organizations and institutions for speaking engagements and organizational assistance in building sustainable departmental infrastructures. Synergistic Solutions has since grown into a firm comprised of highly skilled counseling and sport performance psychology practitioners spanning the United States. Our team's collective years of experience navigating and building counseling and sport psychology programs has contributed to Synergistic Solutions' mission to curate sustainable departmental blueprints necessary for supporting high performance populations. We are privileged to be recognized as a preferred entity for individual and organizational performance well-being consulting.

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