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A Sacred Professional Development + Wellness Experience


Continuing Education


Community Building


Holistic Somatic Healing


Affirming Ambition


Grounded in Nature on Sacred Land

October 8-11, 2024

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Embodied Retreat for women in high performance industries. We are so delighted that you are attending the 2nd of many experiences hosted by Dr. Angel Brutus and invited co-facilitators, in beautiful Temecula wine country. This retreat was created for you to recalibrate, restore , and protect your energy.

This is not your everyday retreat experience.


This sacred experience is designed to honor the high achiever who is unapologetic about their ambition. One who understands the necessity to engage in embodied activities that cultivate a sense of peace, joy, self-compassion and loving kindness towards self. 


This time together facilitates soul-stirring fortified strength and renewed ability to return to our respective homes, workplaces, and relationships  grounded and recalibrated.  


The Embodied Retreat will give you a moment to breathe, connect with like-minds, and experience tools and tips to practically incorporate in your daily lives. You will also upskill in areas that may fortify your professional roles all the while maintaining your rigorous high-performance industry schedules. It is our desire that you will meet with us annually to experience the value of taking care of yourself and embracing restorative practices that allow you to continue to thrive in your areas of expertise. 


This is an opportunity to engage in virtual work for your respective employment AND engage in professional development while simultaneously engaging in sacred restorative practices for overall wellbeing and connection.

Registration is now open. Click here to get started.

Thanks for submitting. We look forward to supporting your wellness and professional development journey.

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This annual retreat has resulted in long-lasting connections and sustainable reflections.  Enjoy this gallery of insights from previous retreat community members as well as location scenery.  Become a subscriber to join our community for full access to previous retreat content.

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